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        Cosmetic Dentistry

        Reveal the beautiful smile you always wanted

        General and Family Dentistry

        General and preventive dentistry for adults and children

        Full Mouth Reconstruction

        Bruxism, TMJ treatment and bite correction

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        Welcome to the
        Center for Fine Dentistry!

        We think of dentistry as art. We craft beautiful and natural smiles, as well as restore health, self-confidence, and comfort. We dedicate our time to unite form and function while recreating your beauty and health.

        We are committed to providing personalized care and creating a friendly and positive experience. We offer high quality comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dental care, and we are devoted to meeting your individual needs and desires.

        If you are in Annapolis, Crofton, Odenton, or Gambrills area we are inviting you to visit our top cosmetic dentist in MD. Our dental office in Maryland is conveniently located in Waugh Chapel Town Center. Our doctors are specialists in providing cosmetic and family dental care.

        Dr. Baczara is?the top cosmetic dentist in Crofton, Gambrills, Annapolis, and Odenton, Maryland. It is our pleasure to reveal the beauty of your smile!

        Before After

        Our Advantages

        Our Expertise

        With over 30 years combined dental experience and expertise with full mouth reconstruction and smile design, we are experts in all facets of dentistry.

        Lasting Results

        We recommend treatment options that will last the longest and harm the natural tooth structure the least.

        Using Innovative

        All our treatment rooms are furnished with state of the art equipment and maintained at the highest standards

        Comprehensive Dentistry

        We believe in comprehensive approach to your dental care. We work together with the finest specialists to achieve the best results.

        of experience

        Cosmetic dentist Maryland

        Dentist in Annapolis, Odenton, Gambrils, Crofton

        If you are looking for an advanced cosmetic dentist in Davidsonville, Crownsville, Crofton, or Annapolis area, Maryland – the new state-of-the-art Center for Fine Dentistry in Gambrills, MD welcomes you.
        Our exquisite cosmetic dental practice is located in Waugh Chapel Towne Center on the first floor of the Anne Arundel Medical Center building.

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